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May 22nd
Grantmaker, Philanthropic Advisor

In this one hour webinar we will discuss how climate changes affects most everything that funders care about.

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May 23rd
Grantmaker, Philanthropic Advisor

Join Community Foundation Staff at the Spring Roundtable

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May 28th
Grantmaker, Philanthropic Advisor

Philanthropy Massachusetts members are invited to come watch this NCFP Webinar in our offices.

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May 31st
Grantmaker, Philanthropic Advisor

Join Massachusetts Arts Funders for a bimonthly meeting featuring a conversation with Eddie Torres, President and CEO of Grantmakers in the Arts.

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In Philanthropy

May 21st, 2019
Source: Philanthropy MA Blog
As you are aware the Massachusetts Census Equity Fund (MCEF) is our statewide funding initiative working to increase participation in the 2020 Census, specifically in communities that are at risk of being undercounted. We provide grants for grassroots organizations working toward creating an... More »
May 7th, 2019
Source: Forbes
A $300 gift for books can make a huge difference for a low-income student struggling to stay in school. More »
April 26th, 2019
Source: Inside Philanthropy
It’s important to include teens and girls in feminism and feminist philanthropy because, around the world, they face challenges like child marriage, assault, exclusion from schooling, a lack of cultural freedoms and empowered media representation, and more. More »
April 11th, 2019
Source: The Center for Effective Philanthropy
In a way, we did things in reverse. Compared with how funders usually enter into policy work, our order of operations was the opposite. In the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation’s work on substance use prevention, treatment, and recovery, we did not start by funding pilot projects and community... More »

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