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Philanthropy Massachusetts' Reports and Survey Results

Funder Behavior and Outlook Survey Results
In October 2021, Philanthropy Massachusetts conducted a Funder Member Survey. As the philanthropic community continues to adapt and work to address the impacts of COVID-19 and ongoing racial disparities and injustices, we sought to learn more about how funders have responded and evolved. In the survey we asked funders to:

  1. reflect on current behavior and practices,
  2. consider their equity and inclusion work and
  3. look ahead to 2022, particularly their interests and needs. 

Click on image below for all key takeaways and survey methodology.

Giving Massachusetts 2020

June 2020, Philanthropy Massachusetts released its Giving Massachusetts 2020 the first report on institutional philanthropy in Massachusetts in over 15 years. Giving Massachusetts 2020 provides a baseline for foundation giving; looking at data and trends in giving BY Massachusetts, TO Massachusetts, and within each county. The focus of this report is foundation giving from 2017, the most recent year for which there is a near complete dataset.


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