Common Grant Application Language

The Philanthropy MA Common Grant Application Language has been developed, by a group of nonprofit and funder representatives, to make the grant application process easier for both grantmakers and grantseekers.  

These documents can be used as a complete grant application, or individual questions can be adopted by funders within their existing applications. The fields and questions can be added to applications in grants management platforms such as Submittable, Foundant and others; or grant partners can edit and submit the document as presented on our site. 
  • If you have not used these forms before, the Instructions will provide tips, and guidelines on how to utilize out the Common Grant Language. 
  • To determine if a funder accepts these materials, please connect directly with that funder. 
The Philanthropy MA Common Application Language is a tool for democratizing philanthropy, one step at a time. As more funders adopt the common grant, Massachusetts’ philanthropic sector advances toward a more equitable grantmaking approach.

Common Grant Application

A working group of foundation and nonprofit leaders developed the following common grant application language to make the grantseeking process simpler and more efficient for both nonprofits and funders

Budget Template

We've developed an Excel worksheet for Project and Organization Budget Summary

Demographic Data Form

The Demographics of Organization's Population served helps funders understand more about the individuals and communities being served

Common Report Language

Form for summarizing the activities for which you received funding and the challenges / lessons learned.