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Fundraising Friday: Beyond the 501(c)(3) – Thinking Differently About Governance, Nonprofit Structure, and Social Change

It’s a conversation for nonprofit nerds!

The traditional nonprofit model – the 501(c)(3) organization – is a legacy structure dating back more than a century. Does it still work in today's world? If not, what are the alternatives?

Join us along with Andy Robinson of Train Your Board for a provocative, interactive session where we consider a broad range of options: everything from modest tweaks to board composition to entirely different governance models and legal structures. Come learn about multiple examples from across the country, then share your own experiences rethinking nonprofits.

Fundraising Fridays are monthly hour-long “coffee talks” facilitated by thought leaders from the social sector. These discussion groups, held at 9:00 am the first Friday of each month, are free and open to any and all nonprofit professionals and volunteers interested in fundraising and development issues (EDs, DDs, development staff, volunteer leaders, consultants, etc.). Participants will come away with a greater understanding of the topic at hand and connections to nonprofit peers who share similar interests and concerns.