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MA Jewish Funders Collective Meeting

Concerns about increasing polarization and antisemitism on college campuses are not new. In early 2023, the MA Jewish Funders Collective ranked this as a high priority learning topic.

In the wake of October 7 and the ensuing war in Gaza, the rhetoric has become occasionally violent, and often more blatantly antisemitic, leaving many Jewish students feeling uncomfortable, unsafe, and isolated in some campus spaces. Understandably, this is emerging as an even higher priority issue for Jewish funders, who are eager to use their resources to address the rising antisemitism on college campuses, both in the short term and in the long term.

This gathering of the MA Jewish Funders Collective will focus on helping funders gain new insights into the realities on the ground at college campuses. We will discuss how philanthropists can center the needs of Jewish students as they work to address these challenges. Ultimately, we hope to consider what interventions could reduce polarization and hate in the long term, creating space for complex, nuanced conversations and meaningful engagement across differences on issues that matter.

Our speakers include:

About the Network:

The MA Jewish Funders Collective is made up of funders who share a commitment to giving through a Jewish lens. We represent a range of philanthropic approaches and sizes. The collective recognizes that there are many ways to be Jewish, and all are welcome. The advisors to the network are: Melanie Camp, Combined Jewish Philanthropies; Sheri Gurock, The Beker Foundation; Liana Krupp, Krupp Family Foundation.