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Fundraising Friday: Making AI Work for Your Fundraising Journey

This program is for AI skeptics and enthusiasts alike!

Recent advances in AI technology promise to free us from time-consuming fundraising tasks like compiling reports, wordsmithing appeals, note taking, and crafting social media posts. However, these advances don't come without their drawbacks: Fears of alienating donors, bias and privacy concerns overshadow the promises that AI tools hold.

Join us for this interactive session with Anne Hager of Fundraising Levers where we will uncover how we can embrace the opportunities of AI without losing the human touch. After a brief overview of AI in nonprofit fundraising, we will discuss:

  • How do you make AI tools work for you?

  • What obstacles have you encountered?

  • How do you navigate using AI tools with your team?

  • How are you fostering a learning culture in your organization?

Come learn about ways your peers work with AI and share your own experiences with AI tools and AI supported workflows.

Fundraising Fridays are monthly hour-long “coffee talks” facilitated by thought leaders from the social sector. These discussion groups, held at 9:00 am the first Friday of each month, are free and open to any and all nonprofit professionals and volunteers interested in fundraising and development issues (EDs, DDs, development staff, volunteer leaders, consultants, etc.). Participants will come away with a greater understanding of the topic at hand and connections to nonprofit peers who share similar interests and concerns.