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Systems Thinking: A Massachusetts Approach to Transformational Change

October 27th, 2020
2:00PM to 4:00PM
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Equality of opportunity is, and has been, on the decline. Racial and economic segregation has intensified educational gaps between rich and poor students, and between white students and students of color. The results of these inequities are pervasive in our education system, communities and beyond. To advance equity, we must change our approach. 

➢    How can we shift public perception to meet the reality of the disparities in our state?

➢    How can we dismantle racist structures that establish and reinforce inequities?

➢    How can we ensure all students have voice and agency to achieve lifelong success?

It is time to stop tinkering with ways to help students better navigate an inequitable system and instead take action to transform the system itself. Join us to learn about a promising statewide coalition that is utilizing a systems thinking approach to facilitate collaboration across sectors and achieve systems-wide transformative change.

From education to health to economic justice and more, funders interested in driving impact for students, families and communities will benefit from this session.

Who are we?

Composed of more than forty organizations, including funders, and growing, Open Opportunity – Massachusetts (OOMA) brings grasstops and grassroots organizations across sectors together to share resources and knowledge, while placing community expertise and leadership at the center of this partnership. OOMA aims to strengthen and advance efforts to tear down structures that marginalize students and their families while uncovering new strategies for promoting student and family success. Local action is then used to inform state policymaking and catalyze bottom-up change to achieve not only a more equitable and anti-racist public education system, but to dismantle the impacts of systemic racism across our communities and commonwealth.

As members of the Open Opportunity - Massachusetts network, the Nellie Mae Education Foundation and Schott Foundation for Public Education are sponsoring this event.  

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Please join us to learn more about OOMA’s work to empower local communities in order to transform our education system.

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