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Women & Girls Funders Network Meeting: Resourcing Real Advancements in Gender Equity

We invite you to attend our fourth gathering of Women, Girls, and Gender Equity Funders. Based on the widespread interest we heard from you to continue meeting, we meet twice yearly. We also have set up a Slack channel for ongoing communication.
Reconnect or meet other funders prioritizing funding to advance gender equity which may include funding for women, girls, gender diverse people. We will look at different ways you are funding in support of gender equity.

About the Network:

This network is comprised of women’s funds and women, girls and gender equity focused giving circles across Massachusetts AND those foundations and grantmaking institutions with a broader mission that includes a women, girls, and gender equity stream. This network plans to meet 2 times per year. The advisors to the network are: Donna Haghighat, Women's Fund of Western MA; Kristina Dakos, Women4Progress; Natanja Craig-Oquendo, Boston Women's Fund.