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Work from Home Ergonomics

May 5th, 2021
10:00AM to 11:15AM
Zoom - see description for registration link
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This free program is open only to Philanthropy MA partners and MNN members.

Program Description

Now that working remotely from make-shift workstations is the new normal, self-care is needed more than ever. Philanthropy MA and the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network are working together to provide this FREE virtual session to hear from Morgan Sutherland, a certified ergonomics assessment specialist, about work from home ergonomics.

In this Work From Home Ergonomics presentation, you will learn practical ergonomic solutions to improve your comfort, productivity and keep you safe from overuse injuries while working remotely. You'll learn common risk factors for ergonomic injuries, the importance of neutral postures while working from home as well as best practices for setting up your home office workstation. You'll also learn three microbreaks that will help you recharge so you can prevent burnout. Lastly, you'll learn some effective ways to de-stress at your desk using breathwork, self-massage, and stretches.  


Reach out to Phyllis Corkum with any questions or concerns.

Our Presenter

Morgan Sutherland, Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist

Morgan.jpgMorgan Sutherland, the owner of Fit Ergonomics, is a certified massage therapist with 20 years of experience helping thousands of clients manage chronic and acute neck, back, and shoulder pain. He is also a self-published author, having written numerous books about reversing bad posture and back pain.  In November 2020, Morgan took his passion for posture correction and pain management and became an Advanced Office Ergonomics Assessment Specialist (AOEAS) through the Back School of Atlanta.  Currently, Morgan offers a Remote Ergonomic Assessment* service that includes a remote ergonomic evaluation of your home office set-up to improve your comfort and increase your productivity while minimizing your risk of injury. Personal Remote Ergonomic Appointments can be scheduled here: https://fitergonomics.com/REA

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