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Workshop Your Next Grant Proposal: Two Part Series

Staring at a blank screen can be the hardest part of writing a grant. We’ve all been there and Philanthropy MA is here to help! Instructor Rachel Ross is highly experienced at helping fundraisers get their grant-winning thoughts down on paper and out the door, no matter how tight the deadline. In this hands-on two-part series, she will work with grant writers as you learn about key strategies for preparing even the most complicated submissions.

From outlining a draft to articulating key deliverables to organizing all the necessary attachments, these interactive workshops will give you everything you need to plan your next application with confidence.

Please note, these are highly interactive sessions. Participants who get the most out of them will be those who are willing to ask questions and give feedback in this 100% supportive environment.

Cummings Scholarships are available for this program. Learn more here.  

When you sign up, you will receive some simple pre-work to do before the first workshop that will take you approximately 30 minutes to complete. In advance of the second workshop, you will be writing and submitting a first draft of a sample application, to which the instructor will provide personalized feedback.

Session 1 - June 27 from 9:30 to 11:30 am

Defying the Blank Screen - Starting Your Grant

In this workshop you will:

  Zero in on key grant writing elements.

  Learn about grant writing pitfalls and avoidable mistakes.

  Workshop ideas about “boilerplate language.”

  Discuss the challenges of data gathering and how to overcome them.

  Receive instructions and guidelines for writing your first draft.

Session 2 - July 31 from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm

Ready, Set, Send - Getting Your Grant Ready for Liftoff

In this workshop you will:

  Share the first draft of your application with peers in a judgment-free zone.

● Give and receive personalized feedback from peers and a seasoned grant writing professional.

  Receive additional strategies to help create a language bank and track proposals.

  Focus on making a compelling case that shares your organization’s impact.

  Create a plan for final revisions, approvals, and final submissions.

You will leave with feedback and suggested revisions on your first draft to raise more money for your organization.