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Summer Fund 2021 Letter of Intent

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In 2021, in lieu of the traditional application process, the Summer Fund requests that prospective grantees complete a Letter of Intent (LOI) to apply for resources. The letter of intent will collect key contact information from our partners and will provide us with critical information as we consider your request.

In completing this LOI, you will be asked to login to a Philanthropy MA account. We ask that you please use the account of your organization's principal point of contact for Summer Fund related communications. If the account that you have used in the past is in the name of someone that is no longer with your organization, we ask that you please create a new account with updated contact information. If you have any questions regarding account creation, we will happily provide support.

Following your submission of a letter of intent to apply for funding, we will be conducting brief meetings with appropriate staff in an effort to better understand your organization's approach to and plans for summer programming. Our goal with these conversations will be to better understand the needs of our partners as we plan our 2021 grantmaking processes.

Following our conversations with prospective grantees, the Summer Fund will be requesting a formalized application. The full application will collect data regarding your summer program's model (planned activities, projected program scale, etc.) and organizational information (financials, licensing, etc.). The application deadline will likely be flexible and informed by your organization's capacity and planning processes.

The deadline for submitting this LOI webform is Friday, February 5th at 5pm. If you have any questions, please contact Sean Higgins via email or by phone at 508-468-7262.

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