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Grantmaker Program Overview


Founded in 1969, Philanthropy MA is a diverse and vibrant membership association of highly engaged philanthropic organizations and individuals with interests in Massachusetts and surrounding areas.  We connect new and established donors, their trustees and staff to each other, to their communities and to emerging and relevant issues in the field.  A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Philanthropy MA delivers excellent opportunities in learning, networking, access to resources and tools, skill-building, and community-building and serves as a bridge between funders and fund applicants for better understanding, efficiency and impact.  As a leading and influential voice and advocate for effective philanthropy, Philanthropy MA provides access to knowledge and cooperative action that enables our members to create extraordinary value for each other, their grantees and to collectively shape the future of a healthy and vital region. 


Organizations with grant making as their primary focus of activity, which are accessible to the public and open to a reasonable range of nonprofits, are eligible for membership, including the following: Bank charitable trust departments, Community foundations, Governmental funding agencies, Philanthropic research centers, Operating foundations, Philanthropic advisory services, Private, independent and family foundations, Public foundations, Corporate foundations and giving programsWealth Management companies, and Individual Donors.

Connect with 2000+ individuals at hundreds of Foundations and Nonprofit organizations in Massachusetts as Philanthropy MA provides Learning Opportunities, Networking, Resources and Research, a Voice for the Sector, and Support for Nonprofit Organizations.

To discuss how Grantmaker, Foundation and Philanthropic Advisor membership might best fit your grant making organization, please contact Philanthropy MA's Interim, Co-Executive Director Jessica Berns at 617.426.2606 x115 or by email.
Click here for details on Member Benefits or download the Membership Packet, which outlines Member Dues and includes a Membership Form to join.

(photo: Funders Day Out in New Bedford, October 2018)

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