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CEO, Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation

Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation
Job Title: CEO, Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation
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Executive Director
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July 10th, 2020
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Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation Seeks CEO


In 1977, in an era of urban neglect, residents of Jamaica Plain decided to take their Boston community’s future into their own hands. Forming the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation (JPNDC), they set out to create economic opportunity, replace blight with new homes and businesses, and engage people who lived here in the decisions that affected their lives. Over four decades, in response to growing demand, its geographic scope has expanded and JPNDC has evolved into one of Boston's top providers of bilingual (Spanish/English) asset-building services to low-income people of color.  

Today, the challenges have shifted due to gentrification and its cousins - the explosion of high-priced housing development and dramatically reduced economic mobility. The relentless housing crisis is not only driving the continued displacement of low-income households but shutting JPNDC out of many development opportunities. With humble, yet bold and steadfast commitment, JPNDC expanded its role in housing and economic development to two neighborhoods outside Jamaica Plain, while deepening its strategic commitment to Jamaica Plain. It also plans to foster long-term economic prosperity and wealth building, invest in community organizing as essential to building racial, economic, and social equity, and promote racial equity in all aspects of its work.

The work is carried out in three major, equally regarded program areas: affordable housing and commercial real estate development, economic prosperity, and community organizing. Highlights of the work ahead are:

  • Advancing the most ambitious housing development pipeline in JPNDC’s history, developing 550+ affordable homes that allow low-income people to thrive in Boston.
  • Redeveloping 4,000 square feet of The Brewery as a Prosperity Center, where 1,000 low-income families a year from all over Boston can overcome the odds and build long-term financial security.
  • Expanding early childhood education services to support families and help 500 low income children each year stay on track for success in school.  
  • As part of Small Business Services, building JPNDC’s innovative Small Contractors Success Initiative and connecting small construction businesses owned by people of color or women to new contracts worth at least $15 million.
  • Continuing partnerships with residents of Mildred Hailey Apartments, supporting leaders and ensuring that future redevelopment meets the needs of local low-income families.
  • Building a strong leadership pipeline for JPNDC’s board and staff, with emphasis on young leaders and people of color who reflect its constituency.

The culture of JPNDC is the driving force of its success. JPNDC is grassroots and values-driven, embracing its belief in collective action, racial equity, and honoring people’s differences and diverse perspectives. JPNDC has earned the community's respect with honesty, transparency, and accountability.

Located in the Brewery complex that JPNDC owns and operates in Jamaica Plain, JPNDC employs 33 staff across five departments who are celebrated for their expertise and their supportive and dedicated approach to the work. JPNDC’s annual operating budget is $7 million. It owns and oversees the management of 700+ permanently affordable homes in 17 different projects, as well as three commercial projects. The annual budgets of those properties total approximately $14 million. In addition, each year on average the organization is managing the development of new real estate projects with total budgets in the range of $50 million. Years of strategic and conservative fiscal decision-making combined with opportunistic and talented community development have positioned JPNDC with a solid, diverse fiscal portfolio. The 14-member Board is actively engaged as a working board, serving as thought partners and community advocates, and planners for sustainability using five committees and co-chair leadership.

Opportunity going forward

In addition to managing JPNDC’s strong portfolio of work and a nonprofit of JPNDC’s complexity, the next CEO will be responsible for overseeing and directing the organization’s continued development in the following areas:

Developing and implementing JPNDC’s ambitious five-year strategic plan through 2023.  The plan lays out multi-year strategies of intentional growth. The COVID19 pandemic challenges the timing of the implementation plan and the ability to generate sufficient resources and will be an important responsibility of the CEO, with the Board and staff, to sort out and manage.

Carrying forward the deep traditions of community building, impact and organizing. Adherence to the grassroots tradition of listening to and engaging the community is a must.

Deepening racial equity work.  While great credit is given to JPNDC’s work in developing its understanding and practices of racial equity, diversity and inclusion, the agency’s efforts need to continue in hiring and mentoring diverse staff leadership, building and training a board that represents the constituency, and employing equity practices in shared decision-making and professional development.

Organizing the services under a Theory of Change. Continue the integration of departments, cross-department communication and functioning by understanding the way impact is achieved throughout the whole organization and determining consistent approaches to the work.

Claiming JPNDC rich history and impact. Using all avenues of marketing, tell JPNDC’s story without compromising the collaborative nature of community and partner involvement, all to better share the impact of its work to garner further credibility, recognition, and financial support.

Overseeing an internal operations upgrade.  Delegating the details to skilled and trusted staff, oversee the building, modernizing, and automation of operational systems to free up staff and the board to be more efficient and aligned in their work. Invest in the physical office space to create an attractive, professional, and efficient work environment.

Planning for staff succession.  Attend to the predicted vacancies in a senior leadership with considerable career longevity and establish a culture of mentoring, supervision, and coaching, to provide an intentional pipeline for professional growth, knowledge retention, and grooming staff of color for leadership positions. 


JPNDC is seeking an experienced nonprofit leader who can champion a strong, well established organization. Ideal applicants will have:

  • Working knowledge of real estate development, economic mobility strategies, and community organizing; an understanding the work of CDCs.
  • An established ability to be a resource broker with demonstrated experience and success with securing funding from multiple sources: corporate gifts, capital campaigns, individual giving, and grant writing.
  • Demonstrated leadership in racial equity. Credible experience taking leadership in a multi-ethnic, multi-racial organization in which social, economic and racial justice and equity are imperatives.
  • Financial acumen. Aptitude for reading, analyzing, and reporting on complex finances commensurate with a $7M CDC with a significant portfolio of properties.
  • Strong people skills; a relationship builder. Be diplomatic, kind, a positive problem solver, flexible, amiable, consistent, and decisive.
  • A collaborative style and proven community engagement experience in an urban setting like Jamaica Plain.
  • At least seven years of increasing leadership experience, with confidence in the assessment and supervision of talented professional staff.  Demonstrated experience with organizational management and sound business practices.
  • Experience being an eager public face for an organization or cause. Skilled communicator with proven writing competency.
  • An appetite for intelligent risk. Strategic agility that leverages opportunities and optimizes innovation.
  • An understanding of the unique, politically lively environment inherent in the community development field, and proven ability and charisma to navigate it.
  • Experience with responding to emerging models, new technologies, and the assets of the millennial work environment.
  • Bilingual (Spanish/English) speaking competency is a plus.

Application Guidelines

Candidates must include a resume and a cover letter that describes how their qualifications and experience match the needs and mission of JPNDC. Applications will be accepted until the position has been filled. Send required document to: https://eostransitions.applicantpool.com/jobs/

JPNDC is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer and strongly desires to attract a broad and diverse pool of applicants, particularly candidates of color, female candidates, and/or candidates who know or represent the communities JPNDC serves. This is a full-time position offering a competitive salary and benefits commensurate with skill and experience.

This executive search is being conducted by Eos Transition Partners consultant Nancy Jackson. All submissions will be acknowledged and are confidential, and any questions must be submitted to Nancy at: njackson@eostransitions.com.


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