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1911 Office, LLC
Job Title: Chief Executive Officer
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Executive Director
New Hampshire
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May 31st, 2020
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Originally established in the office of the CEO of MARKEM Corporation in the 1980s, the 1911 Office, LLC is the single family office for the G&G Family. At the time of the sale of the operating business in 2006, the family established its current mission, vision, governance and financial structures; its mission is:

  • to strengthen family togetherness and attachment through shared interests, activities, fun, and common property

  • to create new memories while also honoring our family history

  • to build our skills and capabilities through education and personal development

  • to make our communities and the world better places, through our philanthropic and community work

  • to preserve and increase financial resources as a key enabler of family well-being by building financial

    competence, and supporting renewal through our work and investments

  • to establish and maintain effective systems of governance, in order to accomplish our goals in a

    sustainable manner that is consistent with our values

    The 1911 Office is dedicated to providing services and support for the family’s strategic vision, legacy, current and future beneficiaries, and ongoing leadership succession and future transition planning; its work is organized to support three core areas:

    Harmony and unity work comprised of activities (budgeting, planning, organizing and tax reporting) for joint family governance, reunions, travel, unity trusts, education, shared properties and the 1911 Office.

    Stewardship of shared and non-shared assets such as a financial security trust, funds (an alternative investment fund and a private equity fund), group activities (properties, family archives and interest-based groups) and individual activities that aren’t legally shared and for which expenses aren’t shared.

    Philanthropic programs including the family foundation. The family’s grantmaking has two main focuses. The first is in environmental grantmaking centered on energy efficiency, alternative energy and grassroots programs that support a more sustainable environmental future. The second primary focus has been on State and Local giving in New Hampshire, supporting the Arts and Culture in and around the Monadnock region as well as historic preservation throughout the state. There are smaller funds that serve to educate family members about philanthropy and to innovate flexible models. Currently, the family and advisors are refreshing the philanthropy strategy, seeking to enhance family collaboration and engagement, as well as social impact.

    The Board of Managers, comprised of family as well as one non-family professional and the Chief Executive Officer, provides the legal fiduciary oversight of the 1911 Office. Organizationally, in addition to the Chief Executive Officer, five highly experienced and committed team members bring extensive background in financial services (budgeting, accounting, etc.), trust and philanthropic administration, strategic planning, and operations (supporting family gatherings, events and governance). The family and 1911 Office team liaise extensively with external investment, tax and legal experts.

    The family has grown significantly, and today includes more than seventy-five family members of the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th generations. Given the older 4th generations’ ages, good health, well established patterns of living and evolving reliance on the 1911 Office, the expectation is for the 1911 Office to continue to function in a similar way while simultaneously evolving to support a multigenerational, diverse, and geographically dispersed family.


The Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.) must incorporate the G&G Family’s mission, vision, core values, and culture into all aspects of the 1911 Office’s work. S/he/they will provide strategic and operational leadership for the office and the delivery of aligned, high quality services that support the G&G Family’s planning, governance, trusts, entities and philanthropic activities. As noted, over the next few years, as the family continues to grow, needs will change. Given this, the C.E.O. will be charged with actively anticipating, in partnership with family leaders, significant service and office evolutions.

This is an outstanding opportunity for a strategic, collaborative, relationship- and values-driven leader to be a part of the evolution of the family’s legacy, leadership, community and environmentally-focused philanthropy, and dedication to continuing the tradition of mentoring younger family members.

Reports to: 

Chair of the 1911 Office Board of Managers

Direct Reports:

Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Senior Accountant, Office Manager and foundation administrator; and the Putnam Foundation Executive Director


Keene, New Hampshire, with some U.S. travel to meet with family members, attend family meetings, and participate in family office association meetings

Strategic Leadership of the 1911 Office (50%)

Communications & Relationship-Building:

  • Drive transparent communications that enhance family cohesion, sharing, education, fun and interaction;
  • Promote and build trust among the G&G Family members, their trusted advisors, consultants and 1911 Office staff;
  • Represent the 1911 Office externally to a variety of partners and constituents.

Strategic Planning:

  • Participate in the family’s annual, medium-term and multi-generational strategic planning;
  • Lead the 1911 Office’s planning and resource allocation, aligning long- and short-term office goals to the family’s evolving needs;
  • Track, and report against, goals/priorities;
  • Support the development of value-add supports and life-stage service delivery models for senior generation family members;
  • Actively build sustainable, efficient scenarios and financial models of the office of the future.


  • Facilitate the family’s effective decision-making across multiple entities (Family Council, Family Assembly, trusts, property management, philanthropy, etc.); effectively communicate and provide strong data, reports and analysis;
  • Develop and provide educational opportunities that enlist family members to take an active role in family governance.


  • Provide strategic and governance support; Ensure accurate family philanthropy administration, to include budgeting, tax, private family foundation compliance and reporting;Enhance program management collaboration across the multiple philanthropy programs. 

Risk Management:


  • Assess risk across all activities (financial procedures, accounting and reporting; information management, privacy, etc.) to ensure the safety, security and integrity of the 1911 Office and family’s business, fiduciary responsibilities, personal financial and other information, civic engagement and philanthropy;
  • Develop and implement tailored mitigation strategies. - Finance & Administration:
  • Ensure reporting, policies and procedures are tailored to the needs of the diverse entities, and uphold the highest fiduciary standards;
  • Through active coordination of external advisors, monitor family investments and oversee as requested estate, financial, wealth management and tax planning;
  • Drive the overall budget process, controls and fiscal rigor, trust administration, and alignment on behalf of the family;
  • Coordinate the administrative services provided to family members (individually and collectively), Trustees and the Managers of the various family entities;
  • Implement processes that ensure the safety, security and integrity of the family’s business, civic engagement and philanthropy.

1911 Office Board of Managers Leadership (20%)

- Ensure that members of the 1911 Office Board of Managers have the information, analysis and modeling necessary to make sound strategic decisions, investments and resource allocations, thereby fulfilling their critical fiduciary responsibilities.

Office Team & Culture (30%)

  • -  Nurture a team- and relationship-oriented culture that builds on the family’s stated values and vision.

  • -  Motivate and lead the office team:

  • - Attract, recruit, and mentor team members who are skilled, service-oriented and committed to the family’s values;
  • - Model and foster trust, excellence, professionalism, service-orientation, accountability and performance;
  • - Ensure overall team workplan coordination and prioritization; o Address and resolve any issues.

Leadership & Personal Characteristics:

  • -  Strong communicator (written, oral, as a presenter, in small/larger groups or 1:1) and engaging facilitator;

  • -  Able to connect authentically: a culture builder with strong emotional intelligence, empathy, kindness and relationship orientation;

  • -  Analytical, focused and a structured problem-solver;

  • -  An unflagging commitment to excellence, continuous improvement and learning, quality implementation and efficiency;

           - Judgment, discipline, integrity and discretion. Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge:

The ideal C.E.O. candidate will bring broad senior leadership experience gained within a combination of operating (a family office, mission-driven business, social enterprise or foundation/nonprofit and ideally with a span of authority cross multiple, coexisting entities) and advisory/client service environments.

Notable and tangible accomplishments should include:

  • -  Driving strategic planning and modeling (benchmarking, building scenarios, identifying opportunities

    and proposing solutions, etc.), setting clear priorities and guiding wise investments;

  • -  Facilitating multi-stakeholder decision-making and personally making rational decisions about resource

    allocations and trade-offs;

  • -  Prioritizing cohesion and authentic communications in a complex environment;

  • -  Identifying and leveraging communications and productivity technology;

  • -  Piloting new approaches and supporting their adoption;

  • -  Mentoring and leading a team of functional experts;

  • -  Engaging with volunteer boards, ideally in a family environment;

  • -  Ensuring effective financial control, analysis, budgeting and reporting;

           -  Streamlining and simplifying processes.

Knowledge of some/all of the following would be helpful but isn’t required:

  • -  Grantmaking, effective philanthropy and donor-advised funds;

  • -  Multigenerational family dynamics;

  • -  Tax compliance for individuals, trusts, private foundations and partnerships;

  • -  Personal and family wealth management;

  • -  Passion for, and commitment to, conservation or the environment;

           -  Disqualified persons, prohibited transactions and activities, and all related accounting and legal requirements.

The G&G Family encourages you to pursue this opportunity even if you do not believe you meet all the criteria under the ‘Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge' section.

Please share nominations or submit a resume and cover letter, in MS Word format, to Kathleen Yazbak, Founder and Nora Nichols, Associate at Viewcrest Advisors: 1911Office@viewcrestadvisors.com

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