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Consultant to Conduct an Analysis of Existing Needs Assessments in Western Massachusetts

Philanthropy Massachusetts (Western Massachusetts Funders' Network)
Job Title: Consultant to Conduct an Analysis of Existing Needs Assessments in Western Massachusetts
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March 2nd, 2020
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The Western Massachusetts Funders’ Network seeks a Consultant to conduct an analysis of the existing data sources and needs assessments relevant to the counties of Western Massachusetts (Berkshire, Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin).


The Western Massachusetts Funders' Network (Network) is an inclusive network for grantmakers funding in, or based in, the four counties of Western Massachusetts. The network exists as a peer community to support grantmakers in the region and ultimately, to create a positive impact throughout Western Massachusetts.

The Network comes together 2-3 times per year to learn together and, sometimes, to act together on topics pertaining to the trends and issues in the region, as well as the practice of philanthropy. Funders who meet the following criteria are invited to participate in the Network:

● Based in the region, regardless of where funding goes.

● Based in the region AND fund in the region.

● Based outside of the region, but fund in the region.

Participants in the Network are organizations whose primary focus is funding. This includes, but is not limited to: corporate funders; family foundations; private, independent foundations; individual donors; community and public foundations; and United Ways.

The Network is convened by Philanthropy Massachusetts. This role includes thought partnership, meeting logistics, outreach, and support to the Network Co-chairs.

To date, the Network has focused on peer-to-peer learning and relationship building, but it is now poised to engage in collective action and co-funding.

Scope of Work
The Network is commissioning this analysis in order to gain a holistic picture of (1) what data sources exist; (2) emerging trends around needs, strengths and challenges in the region; (3) existing gaps in data.

The Network recognizes that a range of needs assessments exist across the counties (see partial list in Appendix 1). These vary across topic (eg: social determinants of health), methodology, and geography. The Network seeks an inventory of these various assessments and an analysis of their content.

Consultant Deliverables
● Inventory of existing needs assessment, both public and internal.
● Summary of what organizations are required to do Community Health Needs Assessments.
● A qualitative report that synthesizes trends from the different assessments. This report should help to make sense of the cumulative findings, pointing to themes across countries, where possible. The report should also speak to the nature of the different assessments, and what gaps exist in current assessments. Suggestions are welcome about how to develop a standardized community assessment across Western MA for easier comparison in the future.
● A presentation to the Network on the key findings of the report.

Consultant Profile
Consultants who respond to this RFP must demonstrate the following experience and capacities:

● Knowledge of the countries of Western Massachusetts, and existing relationships with institutions in the region.
● Experience conducting quantitative and qualitative research, data collection, and report writing.
● Strong research, writing, and project management skills.

Next Steps
To respond to this RFP, please submit a proposal of no more than three pages that includes:

● A description of how you would approach the outlined deliverables and your timeline.
● A description of your qualifications, outlining in particular how you or your team demonstrate the capacities listed above.
● An estimate of your day or hourly rate, total charges, a not-to-exceed figure in total or per month, and an estimate of any other anticipated costs (materials, travel).
● Three references with name, title, phone number, and email (this is not included in the 3 page limit). If you have any references in Western Massachusetts, please be sure to highlight that.

Review Process
A working group of the Network will vet proposals and prepare a short list of candidates for review by the full Network.

Please submit proposals via email by Monday, March 2nd to Jessica Berns, Network Vibrancy Director at Philanthropy Massachusetts (jberns@philanthropyma.org).

Questions can be directed via email to Jessica.

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