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Consultant to Design & Execute a Race, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (REDI) Learning Program

Philanthropy Massachusetts (Western Massachusetts Funders' Network)
Job Title: Consultant to Design & Execute a Race, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (REDI) Learning Program
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March 2nd, 2020
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The Western Massachusetts Funders’ Network seeks a Consultant to design and execute a Race, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (REDI) learning program for its members. We intend to embark on this in 2020 and imagine a duration of twelve months, but with full understanding that the Network’s learning will not be complete after twelve months. We see this RFP as covering an initial scope of work (details below).


The Western Massachusetts Funders' Network (Network) is an inclusive network for grantmakers funding in, or based in, the four counties of Western Massachusetts: Berkshire, Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin. The network exists as a peer community to support grantmakers in the region and ultimately, to create a positive impact throughout Western Massachusetts.

The Network comes together 2-3 times per year to learn together and, sometimes, to act together on topics pertaining to the trends and issues in the region, as well as the practice of philanthropy. Funders who meet the following criteria are invited to participate in the Network:

● Based in the region, regardless of where funding goes.

● Based in the region AND fund in the region.

● Based outside of the region, but fund in the region.

Participants in the Network are organizations whose primary focus is funding. This includes, but is not limited to: corporate funders; family foundations; private, independent foundations; individual donors; community and public foundations; and United Ways.

The Network is convened by Philanthropy Massachusetts. This role includes thought partnership, meeting logistics, outreach, and support to the Network Co-chairs.

To date, the Network has focused on peer to-peer learning and relationship building, but it is now poised to engage in collective action and co-funding. One of its two priority areas for collective action is REDI learning. Network members have a varying degree of learning/education around REDI and the degree to which they have prioritized REDI values and work within their organizations and grantmaking.

Scope of Work

The REDI learning arc is meant to enhance funder understanding around REDI; systems of oppression and power; implicit bias; operationalizing REDI best practice. This twelve month arc of learning and education will help the funders encourage and nurture equity and inclusion through their grantmaking. The network hopes to achieve both external (grantmaking strategies and policies) and internal (culture, policies, practices) impact from this educational process.

The Network has open questions about the content and process of this learning arc which we invite Consultants to address in their proposals:
● What is the learning arc? What is the learning agenda?
● Will this be a combination of in-person learning / training and virtual, remote learning?
● What elements of the curricula are driven by each member, versus peer-to-peer learning, versus Consultant led?
● Must this be cohort driven (eg: interested Network members register to participate in the learning arc and the cohort remains as is) OR can Network members register for those learning options they find to be most relevant?

Consultant Deliverables

● Customized curriculum, tailored for the Network, includes timeline, method/s, and learning goals.
● Resource lists / syllabi.
● Execute and/or facilitate all elements of the curriculum.

Consultant Profile

Consultants who respond to this RFP must demonstrate the following experience and capacities:

● Experience developing and implementing REDI curricula for foundations or community-based nonprofit organizations.
● Experience working with underserved communities (particularly communities of color, low-income communities, and immigrant communities).
● Strong interpersonal, facilitation, and project management skills.

Next Steps

To respond to this RFP, please submit a proposal of no more than three pages that includes:

● A description of your approach to achieving the outlined deliverables and a suggested timeline.
● A description of your qualifications, outlining in particular how you or your team demonstrates the capacities listed above.
● Your suggestions/feedback on how to best structure this engagement.
● An estimate of total charges, a not-to-exceed figure in total or per month, and an estimate of any other anticipated costs (co-trainer, materials, travel). Note: as of now, the Network expects
to have no more than $25,000 to dedicate to the first year of this learning arc.
● Three references with name, title, phone number, and email (this is not included in the 3 page limit). If you have any references in Western Massachusetts, please be sure to highlight that.

Review Process

A working group of the Network will vet proposals and prepare a short list of candidates for review by the full Network.

Please submit proposals via email by Monday, March 2nd to Jessica Berns, Network Vibrancy Director at Philanthropy Massachusetts (jberns@philanthropyma.org).

Questions can be directed via email to Jessica

133 Federal Street, Suite 802 | Boston, MA 02110
Phone: 617.426.2606
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