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YouthBuild Boston
Job Title: Executive Director
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Executive Director
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September 30th, 2020
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We believe that young people, when empowered with the skills and education necessary to improve their quality of life, will realize that they can play a leadership role in strengthening their communities.

YouthBuild Boston is seeking an exceptional purpose-driven leader committed to social justice, equity, and sustainable employment for young people to serve as its next Executive Director. We are seeking an outstanding role model who sees and believes in the possibility and passion of young people. We are seeking a leader who has the ability to enunciate a vision and to motivate the team to achieve the vision. The new Executive Director will be committed to helping young people transform their communities and their lives, breaking the cycle of poverty through a commitment to work, education, family, and community.

Our Organization

YouthBuild Boston (YBB) is an outstanding nationally respected organization committed to empowering low-income youth. Founded in 1990 with the goal of providing underserved young people with the support and credentials needed
to successfully enter the building trades, the new Executive Director will come into an organization with an extraordinary record of achievement in its 30-year history. YBB is a best-in-class leader in providing young people with fundamental opportunities for education and employment. With a budget of more than $2 million and approximately 20 employees, YBB has a diverse set of programs and income streams from grants, contracts, service fees, and revenue generated from its real estate holdings.

Our Mission is to empower and assist underserved young people from the Boston area with the essential social, vocational, academic, and life skills necessary to navigate a positive pathway to self-sufficiency and neighborhood responsibility.

While YBB promotes the core values of youth development and community service, it stands out as an innovative non-profit offering a hands-on approach to building trades training. Our programs provide vocational education, counseling, and other life skills training that readily strengthen and prepare students for the workforce upon graduation. We focus on the assets of each individual to enable young people to navigate a pathway to a meaningful livelihood. We connect young people to their peers, family, and community in a positive and supportive way. Our programs include:

Building Trades Explorations: This 6-9 month academic and building trades program is for young people aged 17-24 who do not have a high school diploma. Participants gain exposure to construction and landscaping safety, tools, materials, techniques, and methods while taking HiSet prep classes for their high school equivalency test.

Pre-Apprentice: This 15-week program is for young people aged 18-25 who already have their high school diploma or equivalent and are interested in starting a career in the building trades. Students gain field experience on real construction sites to ensure that they are ready for employment in the field upon graduation.

The Designery: These 7 to 10-week sessions are geared toward high school students who want an enriching after-school experience. Students are paid a bi-weekly stipend while they hone fundamental graphic, modeling, and design-thinking skills through real design projects for non-profit clients around the city.

The Position

YBB seeks a candidate who is passionate about and dedicated to improving the lives of young people in the community. The Executive Director leads with a sense of urgency to eradicate poverty and create a pathway for young people to contribute their energy, talent, and intelligence to strengthen their communities. YBB values applicants who seek a respectful, collaborative, and supportive work environment.

To build upon YouthBuild Boston’s legacy, the Executive Director must possess extraordinary vision and entrepreneurial acumen with the ability to lead and manage a complex and dynamic organization. Key to the new leader’s success will be his/her ability to dynamically and successfully fundraise, cultivating and building critical relationships for organizational growth. The next leader will be driven by a sense of compassion, respect, love, and belief in the enormous potential of young people. S/he will have strong organizational, management, fundraising, and advocacy skills. The Executive Director must have well-honed collaboration skills that will be used in working with the Board of Directors, staff, participants, funders, industry representatives, community leaders and other major stakeholders, and will lead a highly-motivated and committed team with a strategic vision and sense of purpose.

Qualifications Needed

The successful candidate for this position must demonstrate:

  •   Success in developing, leading, and effectively managing a comparable organization to achieve exceptional, measurable results;

  •   The ability to grow and strengthen our diverse private and public funding, including cultivation of individual donors, industry supporters and institutional funders;

  •   The capacity to develop and strengthen programs that serve young people of color and respond to community needs;

  •   Experience managing day-to-day operations, including financial and program oversight;

  •   A strong record of partnership with an active and engaged Board of Directors;

  •   A history of being a team builder and mentor with experience hiring, managing, and promoting a talented and committed professional staff;

  •   Commitment to building upon our success as a persuasive advocate and community leader who can communicate effectively with funders, media, elected officials, and other stakeholders;

             An advanced degree in a related field is preferred. Significant practical experience will be considered.

Characteristics Desired

In addition to the qualifications listed above, the successful candidate should demonstrate:

  •   Passion for youth development and forging a path for youth to become positive leaders/change agents;

  •   Knowledge of workforce development trends and opportunities;

  •   Familiarity with the building trades;

  •   Experience and exposure to real estate development, finance, contracts, and transactions;

  •   Entrepreneurial qualities with the ability to adapt organizations and implement new initiatives;

  •   Experience cultivating and strengthening relationships with funders and community groups, particularly in Greater Boston;

  •   The ability to embrace community-articulated goals and to translate them into concrete action;

  •   Leadership with inspiration and a passion for engaging in collaborative partnerships.

    YBB is committed to social justice, fairness, and equity in all aspects of its work. YBB seeks a diverse pool of candidates for this position.

To apply in confidence:

Please send resume and cover letter to Susan Barry at Egmont Associates, sbarry@egmontassociates.com

133 Federal Street, Suite 802 | Boston, MA 02110
Phone: 617.426.2606
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