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EDGE Funders Alliance
Job Title: Executive Director
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Executive Director
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April 23rd, 2023
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We are at a crossroads. The climate crisis is deepening at an unprecedented rate. There is an attack on democracy with authoritarianism and fundamentalism experiencing a new resurgence globally. In addition, the economic system is experiencing major shocks with inflation, recession, rising inequality, a global pandemic, and a war in Europe.

As the world turns, so does philanthropy. Philanthropy, in some ways, has stepped up to the plate with calls to fund movements and frontline communities, and by moving more and better resources that are aligned with social justice values and principles. Yet, we know so much more is possible if we meet this moment with bold imagination and courageous action. These past few years have also upended philanthropy as new and mega-donors are entering the fray and shifting how resources are being moved, where they are being moved, and the pace and scale at which they are being moved.

In this zeitgeist of crisis, transition, and opportunity, the Engaged Donors for Global Equity (EDGE) Funders Alliance is also at a moment of introspection and reflection. After a few years of experimentation in leadership and programs, the Board is clear that EDGE is more needed than ever in philanthropy. The new Executive Director will have a unique opportunity to reset the organization, lead the EDGE network through these momentous shifts in the world and in philanthropy, and engage with critical questions on EDGE’s role at this time and in the coming years. We are looking for a bold, visionary, and principled builder and leader who can work collectively and is not afraid of taking risks and experimenting while being clear about what EDGE can offer philanthropy and the world during this time. The new leader will be able to guide the organization and its membership through a strategic planning and visioning process so that EDGE can strengthen its role as an anchor within progressive philanthropy across the world in order to best serve social movements that are building just futures for us all.


EDGE Funders Alliance organizes within philanthropy to raise awareness and deepen understanding of the interconnected crises threatening our common future, and to increase resources for systemic alternatives that support justice, equity, and the well-being of the planet. Together we work towards two main goals:

  1. BUILDING COMMUNITY: facilitate the emergence of connections and trust between individuals and organisations who share the conviction that systemic answers are essential to address the interconnected crises situation of our times – a home for systemic change philanthropy.
  2. CHANGING PHILANTHROPY: build a consistent voice to challenge the philanthropy sector and shift practice towards accountable relationships supporting systemic change and transformative actors.

We are a community of 320 members in more than 34 countries, passionately engaged in local, national, and international grantmaking within 98 diverse institutions with differing priorities and strategies, but a shared belief that equity and justice are critical to furthering sustainable, global well-being. Membership is based on support for our mission and values and is open to grantmaking foundations and programs as well as to individual major donors and staff, trustees and advisors with philanthropic and other institutions, whose purpose is to provide funds to promote the public good. EDGE's programmatic offerings focus on curating special initiatives for systemic change, such as thematic dialogues on democracy, racial equity, and agroecology; as well as organizing the progressive funders space through Annual Conferences, Members Retreats, donor education programs, and online spaces for shared political education. Our community funds greater equity and sustainable practice today while exploring and supporting strategies that address systemic challenges and contribute to transformational change over the long term.


This is an exciting opportunity to move the EDGE Funders Alliance into its next phase of organizational growth and maturity. The Executive Director will be responsible for the following:

  1. Vision and Mission: Lead a bold collective vision and strategic planning process of shifting philanthropy to social justice values and aligned with social movements in deep collaboration with the Board, staff, European Steering Group, Americas Steering Group, members, and allies. Lead EDGE’s programmatic offerings and ensure the network is engaged and connected.
  2. Organizational Culture: Collaboratively foster an equitable organizational culture based on intersectional feminist values, working with the team and stakeholders to build more collaborative, decentralized, and trust-based ways of working that reflect a progressive organization and philanthropic sector.
  3. Collaborative Leadership: Lead and empower the staff team, including coaching and enabling staff to manage priorities, membership, and operations of the organization. Be accountable in reporting to the Board and serving relevant Board committees. The team currently includes a Director of Strategy and Membership Engagement, a Director of Finance and Operations, both of which report to the Executive Director, and a Programs & Community Building Officer reporting to the Director of Strategy and Membership Engagement. The team is increasingly working in more collaborative ways with each other, and the ED will be championing deeper collaboration and more distributed leadership in the team so that every member of the team can live up to their full potential within EDGE.
  4. Finance and Fundraising: Lead the co-creation and execution of an effective strategy that strengthens the financial sustainability of the organisation; oversee the overall budget, financial health, income streams, and donor relationships, and secure new donor support.
  5. External representation: Serve as the external face and voice of EDGE, especially around advocacy and thought leadership in the field of systemic change philanthropy. Promote the efforts and agenda of EDGE and its members in philanthropy forums such as conferences.


Talent, values, and leadership matter more to us than ticking all the boxes. If you meet most but not all the criteria on our wishlist but you’re excited about this role, we encourage you to apply.

Strong, Values-Aligned Communication & Relationship-Building Skills

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills; you are a strong communicator who can speak with different people with care and clarity, in compelling ways. You listen actively to people across regions, power, and positional differences.
  • Clear commitment to leading with an intersectional feminist approach; you are able to hold multiple complexities and nuances, decenter urgency, lead with care, and foster respectful equitable ways of working and needs across various cultures.
  • Strong relationship-building skills, ideally with progressive and activist movements
  • Experience organizing i.e. building member engagement & leadership
  • Clear commitment to social justice, equity, sustainability, and anti-oppression.
  • Talent as a spokesperson, public speaker, or representative
  • Creativity and resourcefulness will be huge assets in this position
  • Fluency in a language other than English is an asset (Current EDGE staff speaks English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Arabic).

Experience Co-Building Strategic Visions in a Decentralized Leadership Structure

  • Experience co-creating and enacting a strong political vision for an organization, coalition, network, or international alliance; you are a big-picture strategic thinker ready to help build a collective long-term vision for EDGE.
  • Experience working within a decentralized leadership structure; you have the ability to build a vision collectively, empowering and engaging all stakeholders.
  • Experience leading global remote teams across cultures and time zones
  • Experience working with and staffing a board of directors and member working groups.

Demonstrated Experience in Philanthropy

  • Experience organizing funders within the philanthropic space
  • Experience building and servicing membership within an organization or network
  • Understanding of the philanthropic space in Europe and the Americas

Demonstrated Experience in Fundraising

  • Fundraising experience from donors, funders, or foundations
  • Ability to build authentic and values-driven relationships with funders and members which further the mission of EDGE Funders Alliance

Salary & Benefits

  • USD $142,000 - $147,000 annual salary range plus a prorated bonus of one month’s salary payable at the end of each Fiscal Year
  • 10% monthly retirement contribution
  • 15 days of paid vacation leave, accrued the first year. (20 days accrued for year two, 25 days for years three through six, and 30 days for years 7+)
  • Yearly benefits allotment of up to $5,000 USD gross (pre-tax) dollars for Health and Medical Expenses (upon submission of policies/receipts) plus $2,000 USD gross (pre-tax) of a Wellness and Family Support benefit, prorated to the first day of employment for the first calendar year
  • Paid time off on public holidays
  • 15 days of paid sick leave per fiscal year, accrued monthly
  • 5 personal days prorated for each full calendar month

Location: This is a remote role with an expectation of traveling at least once a month, at times internationally. The team and member groups are mostly located across Central European Time and Eastern Standard Time time zones and you will be expected to have some crossover in your working day.

Starting Date: Negotiable, but ideally, June 2023

EDGE is an equal-opportunity employer. We provide equal employment opportunities to all applicants for employment and employees and do not discriminate because of race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, disability, marital status, personal appearance, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression, family responsibilities, matriculation, genetic information, or political affiliation. People from communities that historically experience discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, or identity, as well as people from the Global South, are especially encouraged to apply.

How to Apply

Please apply via this link: https://edge-funders-alliance.breezy.hr/

Applications will be accepted until April 23rd, 2023 at 11:59 pm EST. We expect to conduct interviews throughout May.

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