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Fund-raising Consultant

Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative
Job Title: Fund-raising Consultant
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August 21st, 2022
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The Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative (TLPI) is seeking a fund-raising consultant to help the project expand and diversify our funding portfolio. TLPI is a project of Harvard Law School, whose mission is to ensure that all students, including those impacted by trauma, succeed at their highest levels in school and in life. We define trauma to include harms stemming from individual adverse experiences as well as from structural inequities like racism. We advance our mission through advocating for and partnering with students and families; transforming school cultures to be inclusive, safe and supportive; and creating systemic change so all children and youth can learn, reach their potential, and thrive.

TLPI is looking for a consultant with experience, who has deep knowledge about and well-established connections with foundations who support work in TLPI’s areas of focus, as described above. We are currently seeking a consultant who will work with us in the short term (6 months) on a part-time basis (approximately on average of 20 hours/month) to: diversify and expand TLPI’s portfolio of funding resources, and expand TLPI’s knowledge of and increase our access to potential funding partners whose areas of support align with TLPI’s areas of work.

The short-term objectives we hope to accomplish in partnership with this consultant include:

  • identifying potential funders, based on the consultant’s expertise and professional networking, where there is alignment between TLPI’s and the foundation’s areas of focus;
  • developing and executing an individualized strategy for each foundation identified, including developing concept papers/LOIs and logic models, and making effective initial contacts that result in invitations to submit proposals;
  • generating a plan for TLPI’s fundraising in the long-term, and ensuring TLPI’s fluency in skills required for successful grant applications, including reporting outcomes of our work in the most compelling and powerful manner, and identifying links between trending areas of focus in the funding community and TLPI’s areas of work, as noted above.

Please direct all inquiries to Anne Eisner, Interim Director of TLPI, by emailing at  aeisner@law.harvard.edu or calling (617) 998-0110.

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