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Grants & Programs Associate (Remote)

Job Title: Grants & Programs Associate (Remote)
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October 31st, 2020

The Grants and Program Associate is responsible for coordinating, managing and executing activities related to programs and initiatives of the Foundation. The position will include implementing the continued spend down of the Foundation endowment, realignment of the grant making portfolio, support of the OPEN network transition to self-sustainability.

• Provide program support to the Foundation’s grantees and program partners.
• Manage the grants portfolio.
• Assist in developing and executing the annual program goals and objectives of the Foundation.
• Balance the programmatic demands of each area and focus on creating the maximum number of successful products or outcomes possible.
• Work with grantees to review and refine progress for which the grant was rewarded.
• Develop a plan for next grant, review and assess needs (including helping them find the next source for their grants, transition - Community Center goal).
• Support grantees through process of inputting their proposals into Fluxx.
• Management Fluxx workflow - moves grants to proposal, internal review, final review, letters, reports and results.
• Check-in calls with grantees.
• Help to design and support convening’s.
• Other duties as needed.

Required Qualifications:

• Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Healthcare Administration (or related field) or equivalent, relevant work experience.
• 3 years’ experience in Grants and Programs management.
• Well-organized and superior organizational, written and oral communication skills, particularly presentation skills.
• Knowledge of the health care industry.
• Well-organized and superior organizational, written and oral communication skills, particularly presentation skills.
• Proficient with general computer software including Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook.
• Proven problem-solving skills.
• Ability to make good judgment conclusions based on data available with minimal supervision.
• Ability to prioritize and organize multiple tasks with tight deadlines.
Physical Demands:
• Ability to work in a traditional professional office setting or remote equivalent.
• Work schedule may vary and is determined by project schedules.
• Ability to travel as projects dictate.
• Ability to efficiently operate all job-related office equipment.
• Ability to communicate via telephone and work in virtual teams.
• Ability to work in a dynamic environment.

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