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Managing Weaver/Executive Director

The Partnership For Democracy & Education LLC
Job Title: Managing Weaver/Executive Director
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Executive Director
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October 31st, 2021
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The Partnership for Democracy and Education 

Managing Weaver / Executive Director 

The Partnership for Democracy and Education recently completed a reorganization of its philanthropic programs, initiatives, and partnerships; this is a new Cambridge MA-based position for a leader who will evolve and grow in a collaborative and innovative community of colleagues. 

The Managing Weaver / Executive Director will integrate, guide, and support collaboration among the programs and teams that comprise the Partnership’s vibrant community of people and programs. The Managing Weaver / Executive Director will serve as the chief strategist to engage the founders and all members of the team and external partners. 

The Opportunity 

This job is a leadership opportunity to help a set of family philanthropies, and the whole social justice field, move from philanthropy’s extractive roots to more generative and democratic forms of politics and philanthropy. The work includes legally compliant approaches to coordinating, leveraging, and weaving together 501(c)(4), 501(c)(3), hard money, and endowments; organizing donors, funders, and investors in all of these areas, including solidarity philanthropy and solidarity economy, approaches. The Managing Weaver / Executive Director will work with frontline BIPoC movement leaders to bring together many threads of our work to make a change at both the personal and systems levels. 

Our Values and Commitments: 

  • Centering our decision making in the leadership of those most affected by social, political, and economic injustices 
  • Creating, designing, and implementing new models that shift power and decision making in a democracy, public education, and philanthropy towards marginalized communities 
  • Working collaboratively and building coalitions to create collective impact
  • Actively caring for, developing, and mentoring future leaders 
  • Nurturing healing relationships that embrace the whole person 
  • Building community 

Our Strategies for Change: 

  • Organizing and building donor/funder collaboration for movement organizations
  • Educating, training, and facilitating connections between funders and movement organizations 
  • Supporting movement-oriented emerging progressive candidates for public office
  • Offering retreats and other opportunities for movement activists’ self-care 
  • Hosting co-working space for the social justice community 
  • Producing podcasts, books, and cultural media to counter the dominant narrative
  • Networking and other support for community leaders to win public office and move policy agendas once elected 

The Partnership for Democracy and Education Team: 

Our team currently includes seven full-time members, 2 part-time members, a political consulting partner, and other consultants; the Managing Weaver / Executive Director will have a meaningful relationship with each one. The allied programs of the Partnership include: 

  • Access Strategies Fund, Inc (c3) 
  • The Partnership Loft (LLC) 
  • Maria’s List (C4) 
  • Investment Team (advisors to all related entities) 
  • When We Fight We Win (c3) 
  • Caroline and Sigmund Schott Fund (c3) 

Desirable Skills and Experience of the Managing Weaver / Executive Director 

We understand that candidates will be stronger in some areas than others, and this thought partnership with the founders and staff will be a flexible and growth-filled journey. 

  • Organizational management including creating and managing budgets 
  • Manage and develop strategic alignment across c3, c4, and hard money in compliance with IRS codes 
  • Great writing and communications skills 
  • Ability to engage existing donor networks in shared learning and aligned initiatives
  • Program development including designing new and weaving together existing programs
  • Strategic impact investing 
  • Engage with political campaigns 
  • Create an office culture in which all feel supported, and accountability is handled in an open and transparent manner 
  • Provide supportive supervision and coaching for staff, contractors, and consultants
  • Facilitate shared vision with staff and advisors 
  • Collaborate with BIPoC, low income, and other marginalized communities 
  • Bring connections within Massachusetts and national public education, political, organizing, and philanthropy networks 

Desirable Characteristics of Managing Weaver / Executive Director 

  • Committed to the abolition of extractive capitalism; educating the public; grassroots BIPoC power and leadership; feminist and intersectional thinking; and community engagement.
  • Collaborative, creative, and supportive leadership style and systems thinker 
  • Strong manager with collaborative teams and individual contributors 
  • Ability to move and iterate to help create a new position, with mindfulness and an ability to assess needs, build relationships and facilitate shared commitment 
  • A temperament to work with family philanthropy in which the founders are very involved in programming 
  • Willing and able to work in the Cambridge office much of the time, as well as work remotely via zoom and other media 



  • Advise the allocation of programmatic and discretionary funds 
  • Strategic advising in response to requests for contributions (persona, political and organizational) 
  • Manage administration, execution, and compliance of grants and partner agreements

Funder Organizing 

  • Build and support relationships with funder partners 
  • Help develop a communications strategy to encourage collaboration among funder partners 
  • Participate or lead in funder networks 


  • Utilize and upgrade formal and informal internal communication strategies to build a culture based in the community and mutual respect, and increase synergies and shared learning with partners and consultants 
  • Oversee the management and development of external communication strategies to ensure that Partnership stories and culture-shifting frames are shared effectively via a multi-pronged communications strategy. This will include hiring/contracting and building a communications team. 
  • Thought partner on framing, timing, and priorities for podcasts, public speaking/teaching, fundraising 

Reporting and Collaborative Relationships 

  • Report to the founders with guidance from the Stewardship Group (oversight committee)
  • Direct reports 
    • Finance Director 
    • Office Manager 
    • Maria’s List Program Consultant firm, Rivera Consulting 
    • Other consultants: Communications, Information Technologist, Attorneys
  • Advise and coordinate the supervision of program staff and consultants who are accountable to Partnership entities
    • Access Strategies Co-directors, a self-managed team that reports to the Access Board 
    • When We Fight, We Win! communications manager who reports to Greg Jobin-Leeds 

Salary and benefits 

$120K - $150K, salary (depending on experience) plus benefits including generous personal days, health insurance, 401k contribution, professional development funding, and sabbatical leave. 

The targeted start date is September 1, 2021, but is flexible based on the needs of the selected candidate. 

To apply for this job, please submit a cover letter, resume, and at least two writing samples or equivalent to info@democracyandeducation.us, with the email subject “Managing Weaver / Executive Director Application.” Your writing sample should address the experience and qualifications being sought. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled, but priority will be given to those who apply before July 23, 2021. No phone calls, please. 

All inquiries are confidential. We strongly encourage people from the communities we work with to apply, especially individuals who identify with vulnerable or marginalized communities and experiences. These include but are not limited to race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, immigration status, and disability-based groups.


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