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Operations Manager

Project Just Because, Inc.
Job Title: Operations Manager
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June 1st, 2022
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Nonprofit Operations Manager

Salary. Monday-Thursday in office, Friday remote (depending on season)

Job Description

The Operations Manager oversees all day-to-day activities at Project Just Because, leads our amazing team of volunteers and part-time staff, and reports directly to the president. You will be responsible for ensuring that the nonprofit’s yearlong and seasonal human services programs – which provide food, clothing, housewares, toiletries, gifts, backpacks, coats, and other necessities straight to thousands of families in need across Massachusetts every year – all run smoothly.

Core Responsibilities

Program Administration

- The primary responsibility of the Operations Manager is to determine how the various programs of Project Just Because will run and then work with staff and volunteers to implement those plans, performing upkeep and making adjustments as necessary.

Staff Leadership

- It is the responsibility of the Operations Manager to support all members of the staff of Project Just Because and, as the person concerned with big picture operations, to effectively communicate all relevant and up to date information about programs and initiatives.

Problem Solving

- The Operations Manager is the all-purpose fixer that volunteers or staff will come to when a freezer is not staying cold enough or when the recycling company does not pick up on time or when any other problem which interrupts the smooth operations of the organization needs to be addressed and when all else fails is the one responsible for figuring out how to solve those problems to keep Project Just Because up and running.

Food Distribution

- While not responsible for most of the run-up prior to the event, the Operations Manager will help oversee the Project Just Because Food Distribution held one Saturday a month (a roughly four-hour commitment).

Guest Service, Volunteer Direction, Community Engagement

Office Management, Inventory Maintenance, Fundraising Support

Other duties as assigned

Qualifications and Skills

- Experience managing organization operations

- High levels of organization, attention to detail, and ability to multitask and prioritize in a extremely busy environment (including the ability to handle pressure with a calm demeanor)

- Leadership experience managing employees, supervising volunteers, or delegating to and working collaboratively with others of diverse personalities and backgrounds

- High emotional intelligence in terms of empathy, interpersonal conflict resolution, and compassion, as well as a passion for serving those in need and a willingness to step up and do whatever is needed to get it done

- Ability to think through the logistics of how to implement specific programs effectively and to think strategically about how to improve programs

- Excellent writing and public speaking skills for frequent professional communication and occasional presentations

- Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Google Workspace and aptitude to learn basic data analysis and other relevant computer skills (experience troubleshooting technology helpful as well)

- Lifting boxes weighing up to 50 pounds



Minimum of two weeks paid vacation


Casual office environment (comfortable clothes encouraged!)

Plentiful office snacks

Most Fridays remote, half time, or off entirely allowing for long weekends from home many weeks

Scheduling late start hours (e.g., 10am, 11am) can be accommodated most days

Join a small but close-knit staff where your ideas can and will help shape the charity

Spend your time surrounded by kind, generous volunteers with a shared mission to help others

Work with purpose, come in each day knowing your work matters and is making a difference

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Phone: 617.426.2606
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