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December 30th, 2021
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The Broad Reach Fund is seeking a program officer to manage and grow our grantmaking strategies related to reducing toxics.  We also have an emerging focus on ways to mitigate climate change.  The current grantmaking in these two focus areas is $2.75 million annually; the Fund expects grants to grow to about $5 million annually as the strategies are expanded and deepened in the next few years.  The Fund has been making toxics grants since 2010, with climate as a relatively new focus.  A brief description of current work follows:


  • Toxics Grantmaking Docket:  the majority of our current toxics grants address per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and supporting strategies which hold responsible corporations directly accountable for continued PFA use.  We have a history of and keen interest in chemical pollution and contamination more broadly.  Additionally, we are reviewing an exploratory docket related to expansion into European chemical reform to take advantage of policy opportunities that will have significant global implications. 


  • Climate Change Grantmaking Docket:  our current climate work includes reducing methane emissions from oil and gas extraction and infrastructure.  We would like this new position to expand this work and develop a framework that includes other strategies that support communities most vulnerable to climate change.


The Broad Reach Fund is a member of the Health and Environment Funders Network and the Funder Collaborative on Oil and Gas. 

The Position

This is a newly created position.  Initially, the Program Officer’s will dedicate approximately two thirds time to toxics work and one third to climate.  The new Program Officer will:

  • Become familiar with all prior and current grantmaking in this interest area and understand the underlying principles, strategies and values that govern our work
  • Work as a team with the BRF Program Director who currently manages this grantmaking portfolio to smoothly transition grantmaking responsibilities and relationship building with grantees and experts in the field
  • Recommend a grant docket approximately three times a year and work closely with the Fund’s trustees to define goals and strategic opportunities for impact
  • Stay abreast of current research, public policy, and nonprofit/philanthropic trends
  • Articulate and implement strategies for bringing programs and ideas to scale
  • Understand and follow our grants management process regarding renewals, new applications, reporting requirements, software systems, and internal communications
  • Provide convening opportunities as needed for grantees and stakeholders
  • Develop a framework for climate grantmaking and update and refine the grantmaking framework for toxics; provide timely reports on collective grantee impact and mutually-agreed upon indicators on progress toward the Fund’s goals



We are seeking to hire a staff person who can meet many of the following requirements:

  • A background in public health, science, environmental policy and/or climate justice
  • Prior grantmaking experience and/or work with major donors is preferred
  • National grantmaking or national nonprofit policy experience is ideal
  • Engagement with and understanding of social change organizations
  • Ability to work independently and virtually
  • Detail-oriented, self-motivated, attentive to deadlines, and comfortable working with a small, collaborative team
  • Strong commitment to the Fund's values
  • Strong written, oral communications, interpersonal skills
  • Familiarity with a range of computer database and presentation software is a plus
  • Experience with research and analysis related to strategic grantmaking and impact
  • Ability to develop and maintain extensive contacts including relationships with grantees, allies in the field, policymakers, and other grantmakers
  • Ability to travel as needed


Salary Range:   $85,000 to $115,000 with generous vacation, family health insurance (or health stipend), 401k employer contributions.

The Broad Reach Fund is an Equal Opportunity Employer and actively seeks a diverse pool of candidates. We welcome people from all racial and ethnic backgrounds, abilities, gender identities, religions, ages, and sexual orientations to apply.

To Apply:    Please email your resume with any additional information or questions to programofficersearch@broadreachfund.org

Timing:  The Broad Reach Fund strives to hire for this new position in the late Fall of 2021 or early 2022.  Candidates are encouraged to apply as early as possible.  All applicants will be acknowledged and provided with updates during the search process.

More about the Broad Reach Fund

The Broad Reach Fund seeks systemic social change through community organizing, advocacy, public policy reforms, corporate accountability, research, and communications. Our interests are aligned with the needs of vulnerable or underserved populations and places.  The Toxics and Climate portfolio is a major interest of the Fund; however, it is one among several areas of grantmaking interest areas being pursued.  The Fund operates with a small, remote staff and program experts who are based in home offices.  The Fund prefers to be nimble and innovative when responding to needs and opportunities.  We operate on a lean budget, in a non-bureaucratic environment.  The focus is on supporting and highlighting the work of grantees rather than seeking recognition for the Fund itself.  Typically, applicants are invited to apply and reapply for several years with an emphasis on building relationships and engaging in strategic dialogue on ways to move the work forward together.  

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