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Program Officer

Point32Health (Harvard Pilgrim Health Care + Tufts Health Plan)
Job Title: Program Officer
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March 31st, 2022
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Under the direction of the Director, Community Investments, this position leads community investments made through the Foundation’s grant programs. Key responsibilities include: grantmaking, community engagement and grants administration. As part of grants team, this person makes recommendations to President and Board of Directors. Leads or assists as needed in special projects to advance goals and objectives of the Foundation

Job Description

 Program Officer, Foundation

Role Summary

  • What is the education / years of experience / certifications required for this job?
    • BA/BS minimum, Masters preferred. Minimum of 5-7 years of professional experience working with/in nonprofit organizations, community work, philanthropy/or foundation work; Strong background in health, aging, healthy food access, behavioral health and/or related fields.  
  • What is the primary objective of this job?
    • Relevant and responsive grantmaking, deep community engagement as convenor/partner/advocate, and other field building roles and practices
    • Increase strategies/opportunities for better health especially in diverse communities through systems and/or policy change in communities where our company does business (CT, ME, MA, NH, and RI)
    • Contribute to success of the Foundation team as a high functioning collaborator to achieve team goals.
  • Why is this important to the organization?
    • Functions as bridge between the company and community, leveraging external networks, relationships and initiatives that increase community health and company visibility.
    • Enhances the visibility and relevance of the company in community; increases our knowledge of community activities, priorities and ideas; supports positive system and policy changes that improve health and wellbeing by partnering and investing in community especially diverse communities.
  • What are key desired outcomes of this job?
    • Deliver community benefit and social impact; implement the Foundation’s grant strategies and focus areas in a relevant and responsive manner; build trust with community and key stakeholders, partner with foundation staff ; continuous improvement is evident in practices; ; action occurs among community stakeholders on issues prioritized by community.

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