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Sr. Associate/Associate Director – Community Engagement, Client Deliverables & Project Management - Boston, MA

Ichor Strategies
Job Title: Sr. Associate/Associate Director – Community Engagement, Client Deliverables & Project Management - Boston, MA
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December 31st, 2021
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Ichor Strategies is looking to hire a Senior Associate or Associate Director in Boston, Massachusetts, to support community engagement, client deliverables, and project management functions.

We are a powerhouse team of passionate advisors and experts with a combination of business acumen and cultural fluency, operating at the intersection of urban communities and major corporations. Trusted by clients and communities alike, we are uniquely positioned to bridge gaps to progress and unlock powerful opportunities for mutual success.

A certified MBE, Ichor’s diversity powers our ability to access all communities and understand nuances that others miss. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, veteran status, and other protected status as required by applicable law. 

General Characteristics

  • Shows strong initiative in all aspects of work
  • Demonstrates leadership skills in working with junior and senior staff
  • Shows a positive, “can-do” attitude and commitment to working collaboratively
  • Is responsive to client and senior staff needs during off-hours
  • Sets high-performance standards personally and for colleagues
  • Works quickly and effectively, while paying close attention to detail to produce premium/first-in-class/high-quality products
  • Under the guidance of senior staff, shows a willingness to foster innovation, manage people and projects, and lead across functions
  • Seeks out experiences and guidance from senior staff to further career development at the firm
  • Experience working in varied environments, from addressing the needs of the underserved in urban communities to handling resident escalations in suburban communities
  • Ability to manage multiple cities within a regional “hub”
  • Ability to travel to “hub” cities on short notice and as often as required to manage affairs on the ground

Client Management

  • Works directly with the client’s contact(s) in the region and senior staff to communicate evolving client and community needs
  • Offers valuable insight in client meetings with support from senior staff
  • Response to client needs thoroughly, promptly, and accurately
  • Has an understanding of budgeting and billing issues related to managing contracts and event/travel expenses
  • Comfortable training/teaching clients about the importance of community engagement strategies and best practices
  • Participates in the timely completion of regional on-the-ground updates, check-ins, and activity reports

Community Engagement & Project Management

  • Confidence in developing ties to grassroots, faith-based, and nonprofit organizations, and other community leaders within major metro centers in the region
  • Subject matter expertise on the Greater Boston Region’s socio-political history and current climate
  • Comfortable reaching out to community leaders to set up meetings to gather insights on the needs of neighborhoods and communities
  • Comfortable moderating discussions between community leaders and clients on a wide variety of topics including technology, inequality, race, education, public safety, housing, etc.
  • Ability to manage and maintain strong relationships with community leaders and comfortable representing Ichor or client at events/forums
  • Existing ties with community leaders (faith-based, nonprofit, economic development, etc.) across communities in the Greater Boston Regionpreferred

Additional Required Skills

Strategic Thinking

  • Offers “big picture” thinking of a client’s challenges and solutions
  • Shows analytical strength and focused creativity in discussions, writing, and presentations
  • Produces comprehensive strategic proposals/memos/presentations without substantial input from senior staff

Communications Skills

  • Demonstrates exceptional verbal and written communications skills
  • Demonstrates exceptional attention to detail and commitment to producing top-quality materials including proposals/memos/presentations for clients and/or potential future clients
  • Ability to synthesize complex concepts into succinct messaging to brief clients
  • Has strong research skills and can quickly assemble sophisticated written materials based on thorough and accurate research from multiple sources (e.g., primary research, community input, data analysis)
  • Handles time-sensitive edits accurately and quickly
  • Ensures consistency and alignment in substance and form throughout a full suite of client deliverables

Development of Ichor Staff

  • Takes an active role in developing junior staff
  • Works closely with junior staff to teach them basic strategy, research and writing skills, project management, and provides regular feedback on their work
  • Provides thoughtful assessments to senior staff on the performance of junior staff
  • Delegates assignments effectively to junior staff, as appropriate, and with a goal of effectively managing resources
  • Coordinates work of junior staff to manage projects in a timely and accurate fashion
  • Helps to mentor junior staff and new hires in the culture and business dynamics of the firm


Sr. Associate

  • Bachelor’s Degree and at least 3 – 5 years of work experience
  • Master’s Degree and at least 1 – 3 years of work experience

Associate Director

  • Bachelor’s Degree and at least 5 – 8 years of work experience
  • Master’s Degree and at least 3 – 6 years of work experience

A cover letter and resume are required from serious applicants. Please send your email to opportunity@ichorstrategies.com.

Click here to apply via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2689024694/?refId=5F5DST%2Baf1K%2BvcAes7zphg%3D%3D

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