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Applying to the Summer Fund


Step 1: Determine Eligibility

Before your organization initiates pursuing a grant from the Summer Fund, we encourage you to thoroughly read our Eligibility Requirements and Selection Criteria. We ask that you measure your organization's summer programming against our eligibility requirements and ensure that each requirement is satisfied. If you have any questions regarding your organization's eligibility or competitiveness, you are encouraged to contact Sean Higgins, Summer Fund Director, via email.

Step 2: Submit Letter of Intent - Due February 3rd, 2023

Once your organization has determined its eligibility, we ask that you complete the Summer Fund's letter of intent webform. This form serves as our primary point of intake for both prospective and returning grantees and asks you to confirm your eligibility through a series of questions. In 2023, the Summer Fund's Letter of Intent webform is due no later than Friday, February 3rd by midnight.

Step 3: Meet with Summer Fund Staff - February-March 2023

Following your organization's completion of the Summer Fund Letter of Intent, Summer Fund staff will make determination regarding eligibility. If deemed eligible, your organization's designated contact will recieve a message from Summer Fund staff requesting to schedule a conversation with summer program leadership. Our goal with these conversations is to better understand the needs of our partners as we plan our 2023 grantmaking processes. We hope to have completed these meetings by the end of March to ensure that we can make our grant decisions as early as possible.

Step 4: Submit Application - Due April 14th, 2023

Once Summer Fund staff has had an opportunity to meet with staff from your organization, we will gauge your organization's competitiveness against our selection criteria. If we believe that a partnership would align with our mission, we will ask you to submit a full application to the Summer Fund through our application webform. The application deadline is Friday, April 14th, by midnight. 

Step 5: Grant Notification/Payment - May 2023

Following receipt of your application, the Summer Fund will make a final determination as to the competitiveness of your application. Once submitted and approved by the Summer Fund Advisory Committee, the Summer Fund will notify you of your award. We hope to make this determination by mid-May.

Step 6: Grant Report - September-October 2023

Once the grant period has ended, the Summer Fund will request a final grant report from each of our partners. This report informs our future grantmaking efforts and enables us to share with other funders the needs of direct service providers in the summer enrichment space.


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