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Massachusetts Preservation Projects Funded

Secretary of the Commonwealth William Francis Galvin and the Massachusetts Historical Commission (MHC) are pleased to announce Round 26 of the Massachusetts Preservation Projects Fund grant program. The MHC is now accepting applications for Round 26 grants. It is anticipated that funding for Round 26 will be in the range of the previous grant round, Round 25, which was funded at $800,000.

The Massachusetts Preservation Projects Fund (MPPF) is a state-funded 50% reimbursable matching grant program established in 1984 to support the preservation of properties, landscapes, and sites (cultural resources) listed in the State Register of Historic Places. Applicants must be a municipality or nonprofit organization.

Historic cultural resources in public and nonprofit ownership and use frequently suffer from deferred maintenance, incompatible use, or are threatened by demolition. These important resources represent a significant portion of the Commonwealth's heritage. By providing assistance to historic cultural resources owned by nonprofit or municipal entities, the Massachusetts Historical Commission hopes to ensure their continued use and integrity. The program is administered in accordance with 950 CMR 73.00.

Requests for pre-development projects can range from $5,000 to $30,000; requests for development or acquisition projects may range from $7,500 to $100,000. Work completed prior to grant award is ineligible for funding consideration.

A unique feature of the program allows applicants to request up to 75% of total construction costs if there is a commitment to establish a historic property maintenance fund by setting aside an additional 25% over their matching share in a restricted endowment fund.

Emergency funds are available at the Secretary's discretion for stabilization of resources considered in imminent danger. There are no deadlines for the submission of emergency fund requests.

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Post date: Dec 5 2019 - 10:32am
Deadline: Mar 20 2020
Program Interest: Historical activities, Community Development

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