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Support for programs meeting the needs of women & girls living with low incomes in Metrowest

Program Priorities

The Metrowest Women's Fund seeks to support programs or projects which meet the needs of women and girls living with low incomes in Metrowest. To this end, there are three impact areas that will be  considered for grant allocations:

Education with a focus on opportunity for low-income women and girls including first–generation.

Girls: The Next Generation with a focus on particular needs of girls from low incomes.

Safety From Violence with a focus on domestic violence, senior abuse, sexual assault, and survivors of the commercial sex trade.

The grant cycle will be on an annual basis.

Priority will be given to organizations that involve women and/or girls in program development and organizational leadership.


The Metrowest Women’s Fund is limited to nonsectarian programming for women and girls in Metrowest of all religious and ethnic backgrounds. Programs sponsored by religious organizations are eligible provided the enrollment is open to all qualified women and girls and the program is free of mandatory sectarian religious instruction.

Selection Process:

The Metrowest Women's Fund Allocations Committee will select grant recipients per cycle. The Committee will include community members and will reflect the diversity of Metrowest.


For more information or to discuss a project idea, please contact: Rachel Sagan and Rebecca Parkhill at Metrowestwomensfund@gmail.com


For more information about the Metrowest Women's Fund, please visit www.metrowestwomensfund.com

Post date: Feb 3 2020 - 12:39pm
Deadline: Mar 23 2020
Program Interest: Education, Equal opportunity in education, Special population support, Women's services, Youth development, Abuse prevention

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